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Excessive Rain Can Cause Problems

Extreme rainfall can sometimes cause problems with swimming pools. They may get hazy or even slightly green afterwards! This is caused by all of the impurities washing into the pool with the rain! In extreme cases, yards with poor drainage or design can even get excess runoff of rainwater into the pool. Sometimes planter areas […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips July 22 , 2015

Freezing Temperatures Can Damage Pool Equipment

Extremely cold freezing temperatures are forecast for later this week. When we encounter temperatures approaching 32 degrees and below, action must be taken to protect your swimming pool equipment and piping. We all know that standing water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When water freezes, it expands, or grows in space. This expansion can cause […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips July 22 , 2015

Make Water Safety Priority #1 This Week

Dear Customer: Swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs bring years of enjoyment. They give you an opportunity to spend time with friends and family, while providing many health and fitness benefits. Swim Chem and the California Spa and Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC) reminds you to make sure your pool is ready for summer. Following […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips July 22 , 2015

Iron Stains

Iron Stains One of the most common stains found in swimming pools and spas is from iron. Iron staining is a result of ferrous oxide (rust) coming out of solution (precipitating) and depositing on the interior surfaces and components of the pool. The color of iron stains ranges from light yellow to dark brown. The […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips July 22 , 2015

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