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Cool Pool Tips

Iron Stains

Iron Stains One of the most common stains found in swimming pools and spas is from iron. Iron staining is a result of ferrous oxide (rust) coming out of solution (precipitating) and depositing on the interior surfaces and components of the pool. The color of iron stains ranges from light yellow to dark brown. The […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips | July 22 , 2015

Colored Plaster

Definition: Plaster that has been altered in color by the addition of a dye. The most common color variations are blacks, grays and browns, although other shades may be created by the plasterer. Colored plaster has the same characteristics as white plaster, although staining, etching, crazing and scaling phenomena are frequently more noticeable on colored […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips | July 22 , 2015

Hacked By K3L0T3X

~!Hacked By K3L0T3X alias Le Bg!~ Hacked By K3L0T3X   Greetz : Prosox, RxR, General KBKB, Kuroi SH, Shade, Sxtz \!/@ws_k3l0t3x ~Hacked By K3L0T3X\!/ Hacked By K3L0T3X! !

Posted in Cool Pool Tips | July 22 , 2015

Drowning Prevention Tips

The National Swimming Pool Safety Committee offers parents and pool/spa owners the following tips to help prevent child drownings and near-drownings. Supervision Never take your eyes off a child when he or she is in or near any body of water, even for a second. Don’t rely solely on barriers, such as fences or walls. […]

Posted in Cool Pool Tips | July 22 , 2015

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